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How to keep your laptop in good condition

Our digital devices have fundamentally become extensions of ourselves and there is nothing as exciting as our laptop. In today’s life everyone makes use of laptop for their professional and entertainment use. There is always a big question mark on maintaining devices for a longer period. There are few things you can do to extend your device lifetime by a good few years, and save yourself money in the process.

Here are 10 waysto keep your laptop in good condition:-

Give your battery a break

Battery will ultimately die, but there are certain things to extend its lifetime. According to some researchers, keeping your laptop plugged in can destroy your battery faster. This is due to the way that lithium-polymer batteries work. The cells in a lithium-polymer battery are charged to a voltage level and it presents higher the charge percentage, the higher the voltage level will be. The more the voltage level will be, the more pressure the battery is put under. The maximum charge for battery is around 80 percent before you must unplug and let it drain to 40 percent. By following this method you can extend your lifespan by as much as four times. Heat is also considered as bad for batteries. Batteries will damage naturally, but extreme heat can cause them to damage faster by making the cells enlarge and bubble.

Turn it off every once in a while

It might be convenient to keep your laptop in sleep mode, but it’s not the best idea to keep it for long run. Your laptop needs steady power to stay in sleep mode forever and like the “aforementioned said, it’s not good for the battery to stay plugged in forever. Hibernation is better option than sleep mode because it helps to keep the power consumption low and it’s easier to stop your work, but it is still important to shut down in between.

Keep it cool

Just like keeping your laptop cool is important for good battery backup, it is equally important for the laptop components to remain cool. The easy and convenient way to keep it cool is to make sure the airflow is passable. This indicated the air vents open and off of your laptop. Keeping it at a reliable temperature when the climate gets extreme will also keep it ata ideal performance.

Keep it updated

Always try to keep your software update to avoid any kind of issues in your laptop and it is important as well. Software updates help protecting your laptop from many security risks and can download covers to fix bugs and other small issues.

Above mentioned steps will help your laptop works fine. In-Case your laptop have some issues you can take help from the best laptop repair services in India.

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