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Ways to take better care of your laptop

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

A Laptop is a super machine that does so many jobs for you. Today there is no need to mention what Laptop does for you, we know its importance; and since it is so much important for you, it is needed for you to make it work fine all the time since a damaged laptop will never give you all the potential work quality as it can.

A Laptop is important for you, so you should understand the ways to make it good in performance so that you can use it for a longer term. Here we are sharing some of the recommended tips to keep in mind. We recommend you to read each of the recommended tips so that you can apply the same on your laptop get un-interrupted service for a long time.

Recommended tips to implement to make your laptop have a longer life.

Keep liquids not to reach over your laptop – Liquids like water & tea works like poison for your laptop. So you should take the cup of tea or a glass of water away from your laptop as the spilled liquid can damage your machine badly. The liquid can go in deep, reach to internal microelectronic components or it may cause electric damage. The liquid can also be reason of the short circuit in your laptop so it will always be better to not put liquid close to your laptop; you might be extra careful regarding this but someone else might spill your drink which can be great loss to you.

Turn your laptop off every once in a while: Making your Laptop complete shutdown is really important. Some people make laptop in sleep mode all the time, doing this might be convenient for you but it is definitely not good for your Laptop’s life. Not only your Laptop battery will get badly affected but Windows also works with its foulest if your laptop gets shutdown on a regular intervals. The hardware of your laptops also need some break at-least for 1 minute but there should be shut down of your laptop to make it work nice for a long term.

Your battery needs a break, Give it: Every battery gets eventually die no matter what; but with some precaution you can definitely extend its life. Keeping your plug-in will have very bad impact on your laptop battery because this is the way lithium-polymer batteries work. Experts recommend you to charge your laptop battery to 80 percent only and they say you to un-plug your laptop and make your laptop’s battery drain to 40 percent from 80. Doing this regularly will definitely improve your laptop battery life span.

Keep the foods away from your Laptop: Never eat over your laptop, if you do so, the crumbs will fall on your laptop and that may go in the keys and damage the circuits. Not only this, the crumbs on your laptop will look so odd and dirty.

Use old tooth brush or a simple brush to clean dust - You should use a brush or even your old tooth brush to clean dust on keys and the exhaust fan area. If so much dust will be accumulated on the exhaust fan area, your laptop will start heating that can be reason of several types of hardware and software issues in your laptop.

Never Use your Laptop in the Room where your Animals are – The pets like Dogs and Cats can come close to your laptop and they can damage the laptop in many ways. You should not take the chance by working on your laptop near them as who knows, they can jump over your laptop and make it damaged.

Use your laptop in a clean room – You should use your laptop in a dust free and clean room so that the dust can’t get accumulated on your laptop and your laptop doesn’t get any type of issues.

Keep your laptop updated: If you have not changes any update setting in your laptop, your laptop will ask you to let it download and install updates. It is always recommended to make your laptop fully updated so that there will not be security loop-hole or any other smooth running issue of your laptop.

Keep your Laptop Cool – Your laptop is an electronics machine and it work best for a long time if it is cool all the time you use it. To make this happen, make sure the airspace is not disturbed. The fan of your laptop is working fine and there is no noise issue. If there is noise, make sure the dust is not accumulated on the fan.

Use a good laptop bag – Many issues happen because of poor quality of bags being used. A cheap bag will not take care of your laptop in a good way. We recommend you to use a laptop bag of good quality so that your laptop will not feel too much jerk and there will not be any type of hardware problem with this.

Keep Backup – You can backup your important data to an external drive. In-case you want other option, you can save your data online on online drives like Google drive and drop box.

Clean Your Laptop – Your laptop should be getting cleaned regularly. Gently clean your laptop’s screen and keyboard. Use brushes to remove dirt from the keyboard. Also it is recommended to open your laptop and do servicing of it. If you can’t do it, you should take help of a technician for the same.

Use antivirus and keep it updated – An updated antivirus can help your laptop in many ways. It has ability to protect your laptop from unwanted threads.

Final Words – Taking care of your laptop is easy; the above points are important to follow to make it happen. We hope your laptop will run for a long term. In case you need any help; you can contact Laptop repair service in India at NSS Laptop repair service center.

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